MUSIC  AND ART 2017     FROM THE 27th   JULY / 6th OF AUGUST 


1.The courses of MUSIC AND ART are open to everyone, Italians and foreigners in quality of effective students or  auditors.

2.The lessons will be held  everyday, morning and afternoon.

3.A  degree of participation/frequency will be released to every student that attends the course.

4.The participants of the piano classes  can practice everyday, if compatible with the hours of the lessons and agreed with the teachers.

5.There will be no prizes ,rights or fees for the students chosen to hold concerts during the courses.


€ 100
Flute – Clarinet – Trumpet – Guitar – Violin
Mario Puerini – Piero Pietrani
Paolo Nobili – MarcoScinti Roger – Luca Mengoni – 
27/7   6/8
€   250
Clarinet – Group music
Maria Teresa Strappati
28/7  30/7
€    70
Correct Breathing
Paolo Nobili
27/7   6/8
€  200
 Assuntina Giorgio – Simone Cartuccia  –
Licio Cernetti
27/7   6/8
€   500
Nadia Bellelli
3/8 5/8
€     90
Tiziana Muzi
27/7   6/8
€  180
 Violin Barocco
 Mauro Navarri
 27/7 6/8
€   250
Modern Guitar
Drums and Percussion
Tonino Monachesi
Mauro Viale Andrea Rabauini
26/7   5/8
€   200
€  100
Art lesson
Leonardo Catucci
26/7   5/8
€   500
Ton skills
€   100

7.The quote of inscription, apart from the quote of attendance , is  valid for more then one course and will have to be paid by transfer to  BANCA MARCHE Filiale: 052 TOLENTINO IBAN : IT37 E O6O55 69200 00000003525 BIC : BAMAIT3AXXX  intestato a Istituto Musicale “N. Vaccaj” – Via del Mattatoio, 27 – 62029 TOLENTINO (MC)  or with a cheque non transferable and made out to the institute of music “N. Vaccaj”-via del Mattatoio, 27 -62029 TOLENTINO (Mc) with the inscription.

8.In case of cancellation of the inscription  must be communicated before hand, or the  cost of the inscription  will not be refunded.

9.The cost of attendance has to be paid all in one, to the secretary of the institute on the first day of the start of the course and is not affected by the number of lessons attended. (The attendance of a second course will cause a reduction of 30%)

10.If a course is cancelled the school will give  immediate communication, and if  isn’t communicated in time the whole cost of the course will be refunded.

11.The  last day of inscription is fixed for  the 20th of June 2017. The inscriptions made  after this date will be welcome at the discretion of the institute.

12.The students of the course of wind instruments and  string instruments will have to supply themselves with a lectern(music stand).

13.The institute declines every responsibility and/or  loss for any  personal  material left  in unattended  places where the courses will be held or in the hotel bedrooms, just like any other event that could happen.

14.The students companions  that would like to stay in the same hotel and have the same  services will have to pay the same amount of the inscription quote.

15.In the event of damages caused by carelessness  to the piano, equipment  or other material of  the institute will have to be refunded.

16.For the under aged students the inscription will have to be signed by a parent or guardian.

17.At  the discretion of  the commission students can qualify for a student grant.

18.The signature on the inscription shows the acceptance of the above rules.

N.B. In case of disagreement on the interpretation of the translation, the Italian text will be decisive.