Explain in just one page the inspiration of “music and art”. It’s a very difficult enterprise, because it would be just like trying to explain in just few words how Music School “Nicola Vaccai” has dealt with music since it was founded.

But the opportunity is so interesting that we have to catch up with the same idea of Victor Hugo who said once: “By music you can say everything without words”, and only by music we can explain our activity which is held in our international courses.

The main target of Music School “Nicola Vaccai” is not only to teach students music but also how to love it.
Our goal is to teach the students to love struggling in order to reach a good level and it doesn’t matter how long is going to take, even though we live in a society where everything must be done very quickly.
Art for everybody: for both amateurs and professionals.
We also have another gift: our courses are going to be held in a very beautiful landscape around Tolentino and Macerata Province, made by mountains, rolling hills stretching to the sea. With Music and Art we don’t only try to teach music but also appreciating our masterpieces made by man and nature.