MARIA TERESA STRAPPATI Artistic Director of Italian Ensemble

Maria Teresa Strappati is considered by the press, to be one of the most prestigious concert artists of the modern era.

State Department of Foreign Affairs – 28 February 2002: “I sincerely thank her for making Italian music known throughout the world and I am pleased to be able to grant her the patronage of this Department for her upcoming tour that will visit different countries in the world… I appreciate her initiatives, that contribute and consolidate relationships between Italians living abroad and their country of origin, making the whole community relive memories” – Hon. Mirko Tremaglia – Minister for Italians in the World.

22 February 2002 – The President of the Republic (of Italy) Hon. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi sends his most sincere wishes to Maria Teresa Stappati for her tours, that will visit several countries in the world.

From the press (some):

“The Concert artist Maria Teresa Strappati triumphs in Zurich”;

“From the Alps to the Pyramids” – Egypt – A Successful Tour” ;

“Maria Teresa Strappati…digne of èloges aristocratic…”;

Institute of Culture in Addis Abeba: “tumultuos applause”

Concerts in Spain – Italian Embassy in Madrid: “Recognition for 20 years of concert activity”;

Macedonia Interfest: “The Concert artist Strappati conquers all with her Master-Classes…

Djibouti – Consulate of Italy – Centre Culturel Francais – Recitals and Master-Classess

Jordan – Concerts for Italian Embassy in Amman – S.E. Princes Sarwath Bint Al-Hussein

Brazil – Paraguay – Concerts for Italian Embassy in Assuncion and Curitiba

Panama – Concerts for Italian Embassy in Theatre Nacional de Panamà.

“In Italy she holds high level Courses in Abruzzo, Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Marche, etc.. She is a member of the Examination Boards of many State Conservatories and President of the Jury in international competitions.

The history of a long artistic career and her performances of Brahms, Schumann, Poulenc for clarinet and piano have been broadcast in six programs broadcast by R.A.I. dedicated to “Great Music”.

On the period of the “European Year of the Music” she has directed chamber groups for the European Parliament in the City of Luxemburg, in Baviera and in ex Yugoslavia.

In addition to many honors and recognition by political and cultural Authorities (among them the Belgium and Finnish Embassies) one adds the Propiziatrice Apostolic Benediction of His Holiness the Pope Giovanni Paolo II.

Paolo Monti writes about her: “there is in the soul of her music and in her interpretation, an inspiration that extends further than any limits imposed by experience – an awareness that her artistic itinerary does not conclude in Utopia but continues deeply researching the profound human dimensions of our common nations; with an almost religious anxiety of rare dimension, she keeps active and busy her musical journey towards the composers deepest meaning”.