Andrea Rabuini

The beginning

Born in May 1979, Andrea Rabuini purchased his first drum kit at the age of 12 having already a 3 year background in music as a pianist.
After few years, Andrea started showing his great potential in drumming techniques  and music composition.
His skills and allowed him to be early recruited by two local “Metal & Progressive”  bands (Nusuth, and Meridiano Zero).
Very soon, at the age of 19, he started teaching drums in  local schools.

The Studies

Andrea decided that music would be his life and he joined the conservatory “G. Pergolesi” of Ancona,  and thanks to his mentors (Alessandro Carlini and Giovanni Damiani, percussionists of  the “Philharmonic orchestra ”), Andrea learned professional techniques and how to play various percussion instruments (Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Piano and other kind of percussion instruments),  also having the chance to play live in a lot of  classical orchestras during the 10 years of studies.

The Experience

 In 1999, Andrea  joined Infernal Poetry and after recording  the first album, which witnessed good sales in the local market, he signed a contract with “Fuel/Self record”.
The cooperation with the label allowed Andrea to playing in live  concerts in Belgium, France, German, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and England.
Subsequently Andrea recorded 3 albums with the group: “Not Light but rather visible darkness”, “Twice” and “Beholding the unpure”.
From 2003 Andrea left the band and joined with the  “Ephel Duath” till 2008, under the major Earache Records.With them, Andrea started playing in several tours around Europe; some of them highly recognized events as the “Brutal Assault Fest” or “Hellfest”.
He also joined other local bands in order to get experience with different style of music and drumming.
At the end of 2008 Andrea, close to the graduation exam, decided to leave the band in order to concentrate on his studies at the conservatory; scarify that payed him with the good graduation score of 9,5/10.
During these years, Andrea also has a lot of experience like sound technician and backliner for a lot of classical concerts, comedies and popular events with most famous italian and european artists.
(Spoleto Classica, Bandabardò, Girovela, Ivana Spagna, Michele Zarrillo, Amedeo Minghi, Malika Ayane,Dolcenera and many more).
Today Andrea is an active  musician, composer and music teacher.
He is writing a drum method and music for marimba and digital fx, while keeps playing with other bands in various genres in order to keep on improving.