LICIO CERNETTI (Urbisaglia Italy) qualified at the «Main Piano « in the Accademy Conservatoire of Music « L. D’ Annunzio» in Pescara. His Master was Gino Brandi and the specialised in Imola and in the Academy of music in Florence with masters Valentina and Lazar Berman. He studied in the Liszt Institute in Bologna with M° Lesile Howard, too.
M° Cernetti gave many recital in classical and romantic repertory; so had diplomas and recognitions in many International Musical competitions. He was appearing at very important Musical Institutes as the Sala Mozart of Philarmonic Accademy of Bologna, the Arts Accademy in Rome, «the Conservatorie Municipal de Courbevoire de Paris», etc.
Licio Cernetti, pianist and studious about Liszt works and life, recorded many CD of this big composer (He gave them to Liszt museum in Weimar and Beyreuth, in Germany) in Budapest Ungary. He publisced a book about Liszt, Kept in the National libraries in Rome and Florence.
He executed as pianist and conductor, the Liszt’s «Via Crucis» in two versions for solo, choir and piano. He has just recorded his 6 CD about the Liszt, Chopin, Rubistein, Rachmaninoff, music for piano.
M° Cernetti collaborates whit AMAD «Franz Liszt International Award» in Grottammare. He has transcribed for organ recentely the «Offertorio» «Mihi Autem Adhaerere» and he performed for the first time in Italy in Saint Pio V Church in Grottammare (FM), on the same Callido organ used from Liszt in summer 1868.
M° Cernetti directed Liszt’s inni for choir and orchestra and part of the holy music production